This website accompanies the book State Sponsored Literature: Britain and Cultural Diversity after 1945 (OUP, 2020) by Asha Rogers.

State Sponsored Literature retells the story of literature’s place in post-war Britain. Drawing from neglected public archives, it shows how official subsidy transformed the relationship between writers, readers and cultural institutions after WWII. Find out more about the book here, and click here for brief chapter summaries.

This website contains supplementary materials featured in State Sponsored Literature, including:

~~ membership of government advisory panels

~~ details of bursaries and literary awards

~~ profiles of key writers

~~ links to digitised multimedia

~~ library/book lists

You can download a discount flier here. A limited section is available on GoogleBooks. If you have questions, corrections, or are unaffiliated to a University and are struggling to access the book, get in touch.