Literature Awards (England) 1960s

A table recording the direct funding given to writers by the Arts Council from 1966. For a more detailed breakdown about the funding of publishers, literary magazinesorganisations and festivals, as well as spending by the Scottish and Welsh Arts Councils, see the individual Annual Reports.

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YearGrant TypeRecipient NameAmount (£)Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Parliamentary Grant-in-Aid (£)Notes
Literature Bursary2,700.00
Basil Bunting300.00Poet.
John Heath Stubbs750.00Poet and translator.
Elizabeth Jennings750.00Poet.
Harold Massingham300.00Poet.
David Wevill300.00Poet and translator.
Andrew Young300.00Poet.
Maintenance Grant6,575.00
Louis Battye300.00Fiction writer.
Hope L. Bourne200.00Writer and painter.
Alan Burns250.00Experimental writer.
Vincent Cronin500.00Historical, cultural and biographical writer.
Clifford Dyment500.00Poet, critic and journalist.
Zulfikar Ghose300.00Fiction writer, poet and essayist.
Wilson Harris125.00Poet, novelist and essayist.
Michael Holroyd500.00Biographer.
B.S. Johnson800.00Experimental writer and filmmaker.
Cressida Lindsay500.00Poet and novelist.
A.L. Lloyd500.00Music writer.
Kate O’Brien750.00Novelist and playwright.
Samuel Selvon500.00Fiction writer.
Kathleen J. Smith100.00
Peter Stadlen300.00Pianist, musicologist and critic.
R.W. Thompson250.00
Ruth Tomalin200.00Journalist, novelist and children’s author.
Literature Bursary17,950.00
Paul Ableman800.00Playwright and novelist.
Application sponsored by Philip Toynbee.
Jack Beeching750.00Poet, novelist and non-fiction writer.
Basil Buntin1000.00Poet.
Philip Callow800.00Novelist, biographer and poet.
Application sponsored by Michael Foot.
Kay Dick800.00Novelist, publisher and biographer.
Application sponsored by Christine Brooke-Rose.
Maureen Duffy800.00Poet, novelist, playwright and activist.
Application sponsored by Julian Mitchell.
Harry Fainlight750.00Poet.
William Gerhardi800.00Novelist and playwright.
Application sponsored by Olivia Manning
Frederick Grubb750.00Poet and author of A Vision of Reality: A Study of Liberalism in 20th century verse (1965).
Leslie Halward800.00Application sponsored by Walter Allen.
Aiden Higgins800.00Application sponsored by William Sansom.
Veronica Hull800.00Novelist, author The Monkey Puzzle (1958).
Application sponsored by Karl Miller.
Francis King1,200.00Poet, fiction writer, reviewer and former British Council employee.
Application sponsored by Olivia Manning.
John McGahern800.00Novelist, short story writer and essayist.
Application sponsored by Ian Hamilton.
Vernon Scannel1,200.00Poet and fiction writer.
Application sponsored by Edmund Blunden.
Elizabeth Smart800.00Poet and novelist.
Application sponsored by Brigid Brophy.
Fred Urquhart800.00Short story writer.
Application sponsored by Alan Ross.
Anthony C. West800.00Novelist, short story writer, poet and essayist.
Application sponsored by Storm Jameson.
David Wevill750.00Poet and translator.
Antonia White1,200.00Novelist and translator.
Application sponsored by Martin Turnell.
Hugo Williams750.00Poet, journalist and travel writer.
1967/6861, 479.007,200,000.00
Maintenance Grant10,575.00
John Atkins200.00Playwright, poet and novelist.
George Barker500.00Poet.
Louis Battye75.00Writer. Work deals with experience of physical disability.
J.C.M. Baynes300.00Military historian and former soldier.
Vincent Brome400.00Novelist, dramatist, biographer.
Peter de Polnay350.00Fiction writer.
Patric Dickinson500.00Poet, translator and playwright.
Application sponsored by Roy Fuller.
Janet Dunbar300.00Author of A Prospect of Richmond (1966).
George Faludy400.00Hungarian poet, writer and translator, also known as György Faludy
Eva Fige400.00Novelist, memoirist, critic and feminist.
April Fitzlyon300.00Translator, biographer and historian.
Lawrence Hanson250.00
Paul Ignotu400.00Hungarian current affairs writer, also known as Pal Ignotus.
B.S. Johnson400.00Experimental novelist, poet and literary critic.
Richard Jones500.00
Christopher Kininmonth300.00Travel writer.
Brendan Lehane300.00Writer.
Shena Mackay200.00Novelist.
Rollo Myers250.00Music writer.
Irene Nicholson250.00Author of Mexican and Central American Mythology (1967).
Frank Norman700.00Novelist and playwright.
Application sponsored by C.H. Rolph.
Ann Quinn300.00Experimental writer.
Garth St Omer350.00St. Lucian novelist published by Faber.
Application sponsored by Kenneth Ramchand.
Samuel Selvon500.00Trinidad-born novelist.
Paul Smith500.00Irish playwright and novelist.
Balint Vazsonyi250.00Hungarian musician, activist and journalist.
Literature Bursary19,800.00
John Baker1,200.00Application sponsored by Kenneth Allsop.
Edward Brathwaite1,200.00Barbardian poet and scholar.
Application sponsored by C.B. Cox.
Edward Candy600.00Pseudonym of Barbara Alison Boodson Nevill.
Application sponsored by Olivia Manning.
Lettice Cooper1,200.00Application sponsored by Bonamy Dobrée.
C.F.F Fytton1,200.00
Karen Gershon1,200.00German-born writer and poet.
Zulfikar Ghose1,200.00Novelist, poet and essayist.
Peter Greave600.00Novelist.
Patricia Hutchins600.00Illustrator, broadcaster and writer of children’s books.
Application sponsored by G.S. Fraser.
Patrick Kavanagh1,200.00Irish poet and novelist.
Richard Murphy1,200.00Poet.
Kathleen Nott1,200.00Poet, novelist, critic, philosopher and editor.
Application sponsored by Maurice Cranston.
John Petty1,200.00Application sponsored by Neville Braybrooke.
Gilbert H. Phelps1,200.00Educationist and novelist.
sponsored by Lord Snow.
Paul Ritchie600.00Novelist.
Application sponsored by Robert Baldick.
Jean Rhys1,200.00Novelist, born and raised in Dominica.
Application sponsored by Sonia Orwell.
Anthony Rossiter600.00Poet and painter.
Application sponsored by Rosamond Lehmann.
Christina Stead1,200.00Australian novelist and short story writer.
Application sponsored by Cynthia Nolan.
Julia Strachey1,200.00Novelist.
Application sponsored by John Lehmann.
Writers’ Grant16,150.00
Michael Anthony500.00 Caribbean author and historian.
Cliff Ashby500.00 Poet and novelist.
Martin Bell500.00 Poet and prominent member of ‘The Group’, an informal group of poets who met in London from mid-1950s to 60s.
Patrick Boyle500.00Novelist.
Frederick Bradnum300.00Radio dramatist, producer and director. Created plays and dramatisations of novels for the BBC.
Vincent Brome400.00Novelist, dramatist and man of letters.
Christine Brooke-Rose500.00Experimental novelist and critic.
Alan Burns250.00Experimental writer.
A. S. Byatt750.00Novelist and poet.
John Coleman-Cooke500.00
Deryck Cooke600.00Musician, musicologist and broadcaster.
Vincent Croni300.00Historical, cultural and biographical writer.
Peter de Poinay150.00 Fiction writer.
Anne de Roo500.00New Zealand children’s writer.
G.E. Evans200.00Schoolteacher, writer and folklorist.
Eva Fige500.00Novelist, memoirist, critic and feminist.
Carol Filby250.00
Gerald Hamilton500.00Memoirist and critic.
Aiden Higgins500.00
Susan Hill500.00Fiction and non-fiction writer.
Thomas Hinde1,000.00Novelist.
Thea Holme500.00Actor and writer.
Paul Ignotus500.00Hungarian current affairs writer, also known as Pal Ignotus.
A.S. Jasper100.00
Michael Kettle500.00
Shena Mackay500.00Novelist.
John McGahern500.00Novelist, regarded as one of the most important Irish writers of the latter half of the 20th-century,
Derek Patmore500.00Writer and war correspondent.
Arnold Rattenbury500.00
Peter Redgrove500.00Poet, who also wrote prose, novels and plays with his second wife Penelope Shuttle.
Dominic Reeve100.00
Alexander Trocchi500.00Novelist.
Simon Trussler750.00
Nicholas Wollaston1,000.00Application sponsored by Philip Toynbee.
Literature Bursary18,500.00
George Barker2,000.00Poet, identified with the New Apocalyptics movement, which reacted against 1930s realism with mythical and surrealistic themes.
David Black500.00Poet and psychoanalyst.
Alan Burns2,000.00Experimental writer.
Application sponsored by B.S. Johnson.
John Ginger2,000.00Application sponsored by Gavin Award.
Rayner Heppenstall2,000.00Novelist, poet, diarist, and radio producer for the BBC.
Elizabeth Jennings2,000.00Poet.
B.S. Johnson2,000.00Experimental writer and filmmaker.
Application sponsored by Peter Buckman.
V.S. Naipaul3,500.00Fiction and non-fiction writer, born in Trinidad and Tobago.
Application sponsored by Francis Wyndham.
Leslie Norris500.00Poet and short story writer.
Michael Orsler2,000.00Application sponsored by Malcolm Bradbury.
Writers’ Grant39,450.00
Mea Allan500.00Journalist and author of the novel Change of Heart (1943)
Alfred Alvarez1,000.00Poet, novelist, essayist and critic who published under the names A. Alvarez and Al Alvarez.
Paul Bailey1,000.00Novelist, critic and biographer.
A.L. Barker750.00Novelist and short story writer.
Jack Beeching750.00Poet, novelist and writer of non-fiction.
Ted Child500.00
Barry Cole750.00Poet.
J. Anthony Connor750.00
Peter Dale750.00Poet and translator.
Duke R. Dobing500.00
Clifford Dyment500.00Poet, literary critic, editor and journalist, best known for his poems on countryside topics. 
Eva Figes750.00Novelist, memoirist, critic and feminist.
Henry Graham400.00Poet.
W.S. Graham500.00Poet.
Bryn Griffiths900.00
Elizabeth Hamilton1,000.00
Ian Hamilton1,000.00Journalist and mystery writer.
Wilson Harris750.00Guyanese poet, novelist and essayist.
David Harsent750.00Poet and crime novelist.
Phoebe Hesketh500.00Poet.
Bevis Hillier500.00Art historian, author and journalist.
Christina Hobhouse500.00
Molly Holden500.00Poet.
Norman Jackson750.00
Paddy Kitchen1,000.00Novelist and co-founder of the Artists’ Licensing and Collecting Society. Application sponsored by Elizabeth Thomas.
Lois Lang-Sims750.00
Maureen Lawrence750.00
Dinah Livingstone1,000.00
Colin McInnes1,000.00
Christopher Middleton750.00Poet and translator, particularly of German literature.
J.S. Mitchell500.00
Angus Wolfe Murray1,000.00
Tom Pickard500.00Poet and documentary film maker; an important initiator of the movement known as the British Poetry Revival.
Ann Quinn1,000.00
Thomas Raworth400.00Poet, publisher, editor and teacher.
Piers Paul Read1,000.00Novelist, historian and biographer.
Barry Reckord750.00Jamaican playwright.
Peter Redgrove750.00Poet, who also wrote prose, novels and plays with his second wife Penelope Shuttle.
James Robson750.00
Paul Rotha750.00
Bernice Rubens1,000.00Novelist.
Paul Scott1,000.00Novelist, playwright, and poet.
Ann Shead750.00
Penelope Shuttle750.00Poet.
Randolph Stow750.00Australian-born writer, novelist and poet.
Ruth Tomalin500.00Journalist, novelist, and children’s author.
Martin Turnell1,000.00
Barry Unsworth750.00Historical fiction writer.
Peter Vansittart750.00Novelist. Also wrote historical studies, memoirs, stories for children and three anthologies: Voices from the Great WarVoices 1870-1914 and Voices of the Revolution.
John Wain1,000.00Poet, novelist, and critic, associated with the literary group known as ‘The Movement‘.
David Walder750.00Author, military historian and Conservative party politician.
Elizabeth Webb1,000.00