Literature Awards (England), 1970s

This table records the the Arts Council’s direct grants to writers, publishers and translators. For more detailed information about the funding of literary magazines, organisations and festivals, as well as spending by the Scottish and Welsh Arts Councils, see the individual Annual Reports.

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TypeNameAnnual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-aid (£)
Grants to Writers33,95073,6349, 300,00.00
Frederick Ball
John Berger
Basil Bunting
Dorothy Burnham
Philip Callow
William Chappel
Gerda Charles
Deryck Cooke
Jeni Couzyn
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Peter Everett
J.G. Farrell
Pat Garrod
John Hall
J.C. Hall
James Hanley
Rosemary Harris
Tony Harrison
Douglas Haye
Susan Hill
Janet Hitchman
David Holbrook
Anthony Howell
Glyn Hughes
Michael Hurd
Tim Jeal
David Jones
Michael Kettle
Susan Lund
David Lytton
John McGahern
Olivia Manning
Peter Marshall
William Marshall
Anthony Masyrtd
Stuart Montgomery
Paul Neuberg
Brian Patten
Christopher Piling
Paul Potts
Jonathan Raban
Nicholas Rawson
Anthony Rossiter
Vernon Scannell
A.C.H. Smith
Jonathan Street
Charles Tomlinson
David Tribe
Grants to Poets (publication awards)1,100.00
Fleur Adcock
George Barker
Patricia Beer
Tony Connor
John Cotton
Geoffrey Grigson
Peter Gruffydd
Thom Gunn
Libby Houston
Harold Massingham
David Wevill
Sandra Browne
Timothy Fletcher
Judith Harris
Kate Hogwood
Hermione Legg
Jeffery Long
Richard Matchett
Nancy Noble
Andrew Potter
Irene Whitehead
Grants to TranslatorsElaine Feinstein
Lucy Norton
Jean Pace
Istvan Siklos
Richard Toop
Grants to PublishersCalder and Boyars
Macdonald and Company


Type NameAnnual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid
Grants to Writers21,710.0068, 646.0011,900,000
A. Alvarez
Sven Berlin
Peter Brooke
Victor Carasov
Kay Dick
Patric Dickinson
Gavin Ewart
Colin Falck
Donald Gardner
Henry Graham
Rayner Heppenstall
Thea Holme
Anthony Howell
James Kirkup
Paddy Kitchen
Barry MacSweeney
Harold Massingham
Rollo Myers
Shiva Naipaul
Anthony Nayman
Hubert Nicholson
Tony Parker
Tom Phillips
Malcom Ritchie
Dick Russell
Penelope Shuttle
Edward Storey
Colin Thubron
Roy Oliver Walker
Bernard Wall
Elizabeth Webb
Terence Wheeler
Peter Whigham
Grants to Poets (publication awards)500.00
Maurice Carpenter
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Zulfikar Ghose
Keith Harrison
Brian Patten
R.S. Thomas
Donald Ward
Grants to Translators2, 750.00
Michael Fineberg
Tony Harrison
A.M. Sheridan Smith
Daniel Weissbort
Grants to Publishers500.00
Calder and Boyars for The Unicorn by Martin Walser


TypeNameAnnual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Writers82,884.0013,725,000.00
Martin Bell
Brigid Brophy
Alan Burns
Angela Carter
Sid Chaplin
Ian Cochrane
Maureen Duffy
Douglas Dunn
J.S. Farrell
Eva Figes
Robert Gittings
Aidan Higgins
Libby Houston
Tony Jackson
Elizabeth Jennings
B.S. Johnson
Jennnifer Johnson
David Jones
Yvonne Kapp
Lee Langley
Lois Lang-Sims
Christopher Logue
Alexis Lykiard
Shena Mackay
Robin Maconie
Derek Mahon
Tom Mallin
Adrian Mitchell
Pete Morgan
Rudolf Nassauer
Shiva Naipaul
Kathleen Nott
Peter Porter
Isabel Quigly
Jonathan Raban
Tom Raworth
Peter Redgrove
Paul Rotha
Anthony Rudolf
Vernon Scannell
John Silkin
Paul Smith
Anthony Storey
Ann Thwaite
Peter Vansittart
Ted Walker
Hugo Williams
Nicholas Wollaston
Grants to TranslatorsFlora Papastavrou
Val Warner
Daniel Weissbort
Grants to PublishersChatto and Windus for Letters of Roger Fry ed. Denys Sutton
Andre Deutsch Ltd for The Axe by Ludvik Vaculik
Hutchinson for The 1972 PEN Anthology


TypeNameTotal (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Writers41,500.00146,278.0017,388,000.00
Paul Ableman
Nicholas Armfelt
Rosalind Belben
Jeremy Brooks
Alan Brownjohn
Sylvia Bruce
Richard Burns
Philip Callow
Barry Cole
David Coxhead
Patrick Creagh
Margaret Crosland
Michael Davidson
Kay Dick
Gil Elliott
Gavin Ewart
John Fairfax
Monica Furlong
John Hodgson
Glyn Hughes
Jennifer Johnston
David Jones
Yvonne Kapp
Paddy Kitchen
Lois Lang-Sims
Ian McEwan
John McGahern
Leo Madigan
Derek Mahon
John Noone
Tom Pickard
Peter Prince
Henry Reed
Barbara Rees
Jean Rhys
Margaret Simpson
Hilary Spurling
Anthony Storey
David Tipton
Eric White
Grants to TranslatorsAntonia White
Grants to PublishersAdvent Books for Soledades by Antonio Machado trans. Michael Smith

Hamish Hamilton for Textermination by Christine Brooke-Rose
Jonathan Cape for The Legionnaires by Per Olov Enquist
Martin Secker & Warburg for
Jonah by Peter Porter and Arthur Boyd
Peter Owen for Radiguet Reassessed by Margaret Crosland
Peter Owen for The House in the Dark by Tarjei Vesaas, trans. Elizabeth Rokkan
Robson Books for Poetry Dimension 2 ed. Dannie Abse


TypeNameAnnual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Writers47,800.00199, 477.0021,335,00.00
Constance Babington-Smith
Ron Barnes
John Birtwhistle
Basil Bunting
Carol Burns
Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Ian Cochrane
Jeni Couzyn
Leslie Croxford
Maureen Duffy
Isobel English
Elaine Feinstein
Patrick Fetherston
Eva Figes
Gillian Freeman
Peter Fuller
Tony Gould
Henry Graham
John Haffenden
Andrew Hall
Philip Henderson
Aidan Higgins
Thomas Hinde
Glyn Hughes
James Hughes
Ted Hughes
Bernard Kops
Dinah Livingstone
Derek Mahon
Derwent James May
Shiva Naipaul
Leslie Norris
Jean Pace
Edgell Rickword
Paul Rotha
Alan Sheridan
A.C.H. Smith
Ken Smith
John Spurling
Michael Standen
Denys Thompson
Shirley Toulson
John Wilkie
Nicholas Wollaston
Grahame Wright
Grants to TranslatorsT. Carmi3,900.00
Rollo Myers
John Stathatos
Simon Watson Taylor
Daniel Weissbort
Grants to PublishersArc Publications for
Frontwards In A Backwards Movie by Ken Smith
Calder and Boyars for
Schoenberg by H . H. Stucken-Schmidt, trans. Humphrey Searle;
New Writers 11
Faber & Faber for
Poetry Introduction 3
Hutchinson for
New Poems 1973-1974: a P.E.N. Anthology of Contemporary Poetry ed. Stewart Conn
Oasis Books for
Six Modern Greek Poets ed. John Stathatos
Paul Elek for
Love and Other Deaths by D. M. Thomas


Grants for Writers and Translators are not listed in the Annual Report for this year.

TypeNameAmount (£)Annual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Publishers8,190.00255,286.0028,850,000.00

Andre Deutsch for Eccentric Spaces by Robert Harbison
Calder and Boyars for New Writers 121,000.00
Grosseteste Review for Residues by Gael Turnbull; 19 New Poems and An Interview by Roy Fisher200.00
Hutchinson for
New Poems 1974-1975: a PEN Anthology of Contemporary Poetry ed. Patricia Beer
Latimer New Dimensions for Autotypography by Asa Benveniste;
Whose Music? Perspectives In The Sociology of Knowledge by John Shepherd et al.; Art and Social Function by Stephen Willats
Little Word Machine for
Melanthika: An anthology of Caribbean writing ed. Philip Nanton and Nick Toczek
PeterOwen for
Quintet by Peter Vansittart
Robson Books for Poetry Dimension 3 ed. Dannie Abse800.00
The Salamander for
The Goldfish Speaks From Beyond The Grave by Jim Burns


Grants for Writers and Translators are not listed in the Annual Report for this year.

TypeNameWorkAmount (£)Annual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Publishers50,055.00461,666.0037,150,000.00
Allison and Busby
Poesies by Lautreamont trans. Alexis Lykiard
Two Moons by Rayner Heppenstall
Lobe by Tom Mallin
The Disinheriting Party by John Clute
The Road North by Alexis Lykiard
Big Step by Alan Passes

Andre Deutsch
A Dream Journey by James Hanley750.00
Reprinting Suffrage of Elvira ,
Mystic Masseur, House for Mr Biswas, Mimic Men, Flag on the Island and Middle Passage by V . S. Naipaul
Calder and BoyarsNew Writers 131,000.00
Collection Ou
A presentation of `Ca Ira’ (1920-1923)

Elek Books

Poems by Osip Mandelstam trans. James Green

Eyre Methuen

Fees to translators of Bertolt Brecht : Poems 1913-1956
Faber & Faber Introduction 6
Poetry Introduction 4 700.00
Hamish Hamilton The Notable Man by John Ginger1,000.00
HutchinsonNew Poems 1976/771,000.00
John CalderNew Writing 141,500.00
Larwrence and WishartBiography of Eleanor Marx (Vol . 2) by Yvonne Kapp2,000.00
Lodonek PressSongs from the Earth poems by John Harris ed. D . M. Thomas380.00
London Magazine EditionsA Situation in New Delhi by Nayantara Sahgal1,200.00
Marion BoyarsTransatlantic by Witold Gombrowicz trans. Alistair Hamilton1,400.00
Rainsplitter in the Zodiac Garden by Penelope Shuttle1,100.00
Martin Secker and WarburgHere, Now, Always by Edwin Brock650.00
Oupost PublicationsThe View from John Keats by Robin Lee100.00
Oxford University PressPoems by Keith Douglas ed. by Desmond Graham600.00
Peter OwenThe Lake by Yasunari Kawabata1,000.00
The Poet’s Year BookThe Poet’s Year Book1,000.00
Quartet BooksThe Real Charlotte by E . Somerville and Martin Ross2,650.00
Berg by Ann Quinn2,150.00
Shelley – The Pursuit by Richard Holmes4,200.00
Strawberry Boy by Jennifer Dawson2,200.00
Robson BooksPoetry Dimension Annual 4 ed. Dannie Abse950.00
Poetry Dimension Annual 5 ed. Dannie Abse900.00
The SalamanderWoods and Mirrors by Jack Carey575.00
Thames and HudsonThe Critical Writings of Adrian Stokes3,500.00
ViragoThe Suffragette Movement by E . Sylvia Pankhurst ed. Christine Jackson 700.00
The Hard Way Up: an autobiography by Hannah Mitchell750.00
William HeinemannThe Spiral Ascent: a trilogy by Edward Upward1,000.00
Worker Writers and Community PublishersAn anthology of work by several community writing workshops2,000.00
Writers and Readers Publishing Co-operative SocietyRemoval of an Exhibition by Ivan White500.00


TypeNameWorkAmount (£)Annual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Writers and Translators438,850.00411,725,000.00
Michael Alexander
Fred Basnett
Martin Bell
Sven Berlin
John Branfield
Basil Bunting
Ian Carr
Judy Cooke
Dick Davis
Douglas Dunn
Gavin Ewart
Penelope Farmer
Hugh Fleetwood
Frederick Grubb
Harry Guest
John Guerney
Aidan Higgins
D.S. Higgins
Polly Hobson
Glyn Hughes
Angela Huth
Norman Jackson
Michael de Larrabeiti
Dinah Livingstone
Alexis Lykiard
Joyce Marlow
Christopher Matthew
John McGahern
Jan Needle
Norman Nicholson
Garry O’Connor
A.G. Petrie
Violet Philpott
Christopher Pilling
Paul Potts
Peter Redgrove
Anthony Rhodes
Anthony Rudolf
Vernon Scannell
John Singer
Paul Smith
John Warrack
Laurence Whistler
Hugo Williams
Charles Wrey-Gardiner
Grants to PublishersAgenda Editions
Letters to William Hayward by David Jones
One Another by Peter Dale400.00
Xenia and Motets by Eugenio Montale trans. Joan Hughes300.00
Andre DeutschReprinting Mr Stone and the Knight’s Companion by V. S. Naipaul450.00
George Allen and UnwinReflections of a Friendship, John Ruskin’s letters to Pauline Trevelyan :
1848-1866, ed. Virginia Surtees
John CalderNew Writing and Writers 152,000.00
The Merrion PressSelected Poems of George Darley ed. Anne Ridler400.00
Peter OwenResurrection Shuffle by Angus Wolfe Murray900.00
The Phoenix PressSelected Poems by Rosemary Tonks350.00
The Poets Year BookThe 1978 Poets Year Book2,750.00
Quartet BooksHospital Wedding by Jennifer Dawson1,200.00
Robson BooksPoetry Dimension Annual 5100.00
The Salamander ImprintThe Bear Looked Over the Mountain by Kit Wright1,500.00
ViragoFor Love Alone by Christina Stead900.00
Letty Fox-Her Luck by Christina Stead1,100.00


TypeNameWorkAmount (£)Annual Total (£)Literature Department Total (£)Treasury Grant-in-Aid (£)
Grants to Writers and Translators71,950.00 578, 527.0051,800,000.00
Michael Baldwin
George Barker
William Bedford
James Berry
John Bird
Kyril Bonfiglioli
Louise Collis
Dominic Cooper
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Alistair Elliott
Elaine Feinstein
Howard Goorney
David Grant
Tony Harrison
Ronald Hayman
Janet Hitchman
Helen Hodgeman
Peter Jay
Michael Kettle
Bernard Kops
Michael de Larrabeiti
John Lehmann
Susan Lund
Ralph Mannheim
Dambudzo Marechera
Elizabeth Mavor
Eric Millward
Paul Muldoon
Elizabeth Poston
Michele Roberts
Martin Ryle
Ronald Scriven
Anthony Sharples
Jonathan Smith
Edward Storey
D.M. Thomas
Fred Urquart
Claire Villiers
Robert Wells
Clive Wilmer
Rick Trader Witcome
Grants to PublishersAdam BooksPoems by Patricia Doubell, Francis Scarfe and Vicente Aleixandre500.0026,600.00
Bear Gardens Museum and Arts CentrePoems for Shakespeare 7, 19791,300.00
Blond and BriggsDaughter of Jerusalem by Sara Maitland1,000.00
Bodley HeadDead-Man’s-Fall by James Greene650.00
Constable and CompanyFinding Out by Virginia Fassnidge1,00.00
Hamish HamiltonFirst Lady of Versailles, Marie Adelaide of Savoy, Dauphine de
by Lucy Morton
The Opportunity of a Lifetime by Emma Smith1,100.00
John CalderNew Writers and Writing, 16 and 174,500.00
Keepsake PressMoments in Italy by David Holbrook50.00
Martin Secker and WarburgThe Hydra Head by Carlos Fuentes500.00
Onlywomen PressOne Foot on the Mountain: an anthology of contemporary British feminist poetry1,000.00
The Poet’s Year BookThe 1979 Poets’ Year Book3,000.00
Robson BooksPoetry Dimension Annual 61,500.00
The Salamander ImprintNaming of the Arrow by James Sutherland-Smith1,000.00
ViragoPilgrimage (4 Volumes) by Dorothy Richardson6,000.00
The Women’s PressA Piece of the Night by Michele Roberts2,000.00
World Centre for Shakespeare StudiesSelections from Poems for Shakespeare 1-61,000.00